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What is being proposed?

Based on continued growth of the Niagara Region, additional stone is needed. Walker Aggregates is proposing a new quarry to meet the demands for critical infrastructure, construction and community development projects in the coming years as Niagara continues to grow and prosper.

The proposed quarry site is a plot of land owned by Walker between Thorold Townline Road and Beechwood Road, south of Beaverdams Road. Studies have been conducted to collect information to support the application for a quarry licence at this location.

There are a number of ways that you can be involved in the planning process.

We need to develop a quarry that works for everyone, building our neighbours’ ideas and concerns into an overall plan that supports Niagara. Please visit the Community Outreach page to learn more.

Why this location?

The Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry has identified the Upper’s site as one with a good quality reserve of aggregates. This is based on the limestone available in the area which is suitable for a wide variety of construction needs. This important aggregate area is protected in the Region and City Official Plan for long term protection and use.

Very few areas of the province are suitable locations for quarries. This site is ideal based on its proximity to major roadways to support efficient transportation. Having an aggregate source close to the market where it will be used is an important factor in reducing environmental impacts such as greenhouse gases and carbon emissions for truck travel. It also ensures that this vital resource is provided at a reasonable cost to taxpayers who indirectly support local infrastructure development.

The Proposed Site

  • Walker Industries owns approximately 266 acres of land in the area between Thorold Townline Road and Beechwood Road, just south of Beaverdams Road in the City of Niagara Falls.
  • Based on the continued growth of the Niagara Region and a forecasted shortage of aggregates for local construction projects, Walker has applied for a licence to operate a quarry on this site.
  • The “Upper’s Quarry” will provide high quality limestone and granular stone that can be used in a wide variety of construction applications.
  • The site has direct access from Upper’s Lane to a proposed haul route along Thorold Townline Road. There will be no entrance / exit onto Beverdams Road.
  • The proposed extraction area will be set back from local roadways by a minimum of 30 metres. The set back area will include a berm and tree plantings to screen the operation from surrounding land uses.

Click here to view renderings of the proposed site.

Did You Know?

Walker Aggregates has been operating Walker Brothers Quarries at Taylor Road and Thorold Townline Road for many years. Stone from this quarry has been used to help grow the Niagara Region into what it is today.

Examples include important creation of local infrastructure such as homes, roads and highways, hospitals, schools, offices and commercial buildings, sports fields, the wall structure along the Welland Canal, local wastewater treatment plants and the reservoir for the Niagara hydro-electric generating station, to name just a handful of examples. Agricultural lime from the quarry has also been used by local farmers as a soil supplement to support the region’s rich agricultural industry.