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Project Team

We have a dedicated group of employees working on the Upper’s Quarry proposal. These individuals engage the expertise of our colleagues including operations, environmental performance, and health and safety, as well as independent experts.

Photo of Project Manager Kevin KehlKevin Kehl
Project Manager

Kevin is the Project Manager for Walker Aggregates and the lead on the Upper’s Quarry Proposal Project. He has been with Walker since 2010 and is currently responsible for the company’s license amendments through Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) as well as new quarry applications.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Management and has over 12 years’ experience working in the environmental and land use planning fields. Prior to his current role, Kevin managed the Environmental Performance department for Walker Industries, giving him a strong understanding of natural environment protection and responsible resource management. He has worked on a variety of green energy, landfill and quarry projects.

Photo of Executive Assistant Teresa PierobonTeresa Pierobon
Executive Assistant

Teresa is responsible for providing administrative support for the Upper’s Quarry project team. As a long-time resident of Niagara and a Walker employee for over 15 years, she is dedicated to supporting the open and transparent relationships we have with our neighbours.

Teresa helps to coordinate team schedules and maintains files and correspondence so the team can spend more time focusing on the project itself and the community.

Photo of Executive Vice President Ken LucyshynKen Lucyshyn
Executive Vice President, Aggregates & Construction
Project Team Advisor

Ken has been a key player at Walker since 1997 and has overseen the Aggregates division for most of that time. He will act as Project Team Advisor throughout the proposed Upper’s Quarry application process.

Over the years, Ken has lent his experience as a board and committee member to a number of industry associations including the Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (OSSGA), the OSSGA Sustainability Committee, the National Sand, Stone & Gravel Association, the Cornerstone Standards Council, and The Ontario Aggregate Resources Corporation (TOARC).